Caroline Horn

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The World We Knew
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1. Can't Keep Your Memory Down listen
2. Crooked Smile listen
3. Revolution listen
4. So Close Yet So Far
5. So They May Rise
6. Guardians
7. 28 Bittersweet Lane
8. Pink Lemonade listen
9. Bread and Water listen
10. Innocent
11. Canyon
12. Surfacing

So They May Rise

There is a sound of many footsteps comin' near
There is a sad and slow procession bound for here
For any time good souls are taken from this town
The kin will come for Thomas Rowan to put them down

He'll powder their skin
He'll close their eyes
And he'll lower them down
So they may rise

He knows to send a bit of their sweet life along
A painted bird for Corianna's gift of song
And for Old Man Ballard who his whole life worked the land
Thomas lay a stalk of golden wheat between his hands

He powdered their skin
He closed their eyes
And he lowered them down
So they may rise

And last time I saw my Thomas shed a tear
Was when the wee Pearl Crosby came through here
He lined her little box so smooth and white
And then sat up with his bottle half the night
Oh...So they may rise

And he will take the sorry truth, the sullied clothes
And wipe away the frightened brow and the bullet holes
And he will give to every man and every child
The face of peace and the moment reconciled
He'll powder their skin
And close their eyes
And he'll lower them down
So they may rise

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