Caroline Horn

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The World We Knew
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1. Can't Keep Your Memory Down listen
2. Crooked Smile listen
3. Revolution listen
4. So Close Yet So Far
5. So They May Rise
6. Guardians
7. 28 Bittersweet Lane
8. Pink Lemonade listen
9. Bread and Water listen
10. Innocent
11. Canyon
12. Surfacing

So Close Yet So Far

It's come undone
The tender game we thought we'd won
Caught the both of us off-guard
So close yet so far

Life in mid-air
Moments like that are sweet and rare
I wish you could catch them in a jar
So close yet so far

And so far
I've glimpsed perfection now and then
So I'll put my heart back on my sleeve
And I'll count my reasons to believe

And I'll say ok
'Cause some never get to feel this way
True love shines like a desert star
And we came so close, yet so far
So close yet so far

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