Caroline Horn

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The World We Knew
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1. Can't Keep Your Memory Down listen
2. Crooked Smile listen
3. Revolution listen
4. So Close Yet So Far
5. So They May Rise
6. Guardians
7. 28 Bittersweet Lane
8. Pink Lemonade listen
9. Bread and Water listen
10. Innocent
11. Canyon
12. Surfacing


They say you had a sense of humor
Well I could use a laugh right now
'Cause it's the ten thousandth night
I've tried to conjure you right
Were you a knight in shining armor
Or just a man who made a vow?
I look as hard as I can
I see the myth but not the man

Defined by your absence
As a dream by sleep
If I am the ground
You are the canyon
Bountiful, beautiful and deep

A man is more than his traces
I know, but I count anyway
The books in the den
The red fountain pen
And I still find your name in odd places
In tissue paper tucked away
A thin line of ink
It's like having just one drop to drink

An unacceptable fraction
Yet accept it I must
If I am the ground
You are the canyon
Gone to seed, tumbleweed and dust

And sometimes
I walk the rim
I seek you out
The light is dim
I need to know
Re-feel the blow
Of just how far away
Far away people can go

So won't you smile on a woman-child
Smile down on her crazy cares
Don't you know
It's just my struggle for order
Tryin' to be a daughter
To a man who was not there

But you will always be there
That's my gift and scar
If I am the ground
You are the canyon
Part of me, start of me, you are

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