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"Caroline Horn is the songwriter's songwriter."
-Tom Paxton

"Caroline Horn has a gorgeous, warm voice that can be transparent with emotion, but never cloying or sentimental—and she knows how to perfectly construct a song that is original, deeply melodic, lyrically fresh and as well-built as a Frank Lloyd Wright house. When I first heard The World We Knew, my whole body relaxed. I realized that this was exactly what I had been hoping to hear on radio for a long time. I'll gladly wait until radio catches up."
-Rosanne Cash

"Beautiful, heartfelt music and lyrics...I love this album."
-Shawn Pelton

"Caroline Horn gains ground on The World We Knew with true unity of heart & intellect—songs soulfully sung with melodies easily whistled in the dark."
-Chuck Pyle

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"Whether it's physical, emotional, or sexual, [Horn's] not afraid to bare the raw nerve."
Performing Songwriter

"Horn grabs ears with soulful, folky pop."
The Music Paper

"Caroline Horn delivers an appealing, rich vocal performance with lyrics that will strike an honest chord in all of us."
Good Times

"Her lyrics are from the heart and her songs are pure folk-pop hits."
Brooklyn Woman

"I love Caroline Horn's wide-ranging voice together with her songwriting, which can be captivating."
Late For The Sky (Italy)

"She fascinates with her absolute musicality, her strong voice, her piano accompaniment [and] original songs that spring from a young heart full of feeling."
Generalanzeiger (Germany)

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"The World We Knew is the kind of CD that we all wish for—but rarely ever find. It is a living testament to the magic that occurs when the music makes the connection with your heart and soul and doesn't let go. Caroline's words and music are a beacon of stability in an uncertain world."
-Fred Migliore
Exec. Producer/Host
FM Odyssey, WFIT

"What can I say about Caroline Horn? She evokes so much emotion in me. When I first listened to her music, I had chills and some very wet eyes! She's not only beautiful, she has a gift in her words and voice that goes deep into the soul…She's a star."
-Christopher Mayner

"Radio-friendly tunes and vocals that keep playing in your mind."
-Jeff Gill

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